A selection of John's favourite lectures going back 40 years...
Talk name Event Place/time
A Flexible Structural System Using Reinforced Plastics. Mecanics Colloquia. Guest speaker Cambridge University Engineering Department, 1970
Simple Societies and Complex Technologies Designing for Survival
Invited keynote speaker
RIBA Annual Conference, 1972
A Conceptual Seeding Technique for Architectural Design The Application of Computers in Architectural Design, PArC 79 Berlin Congress Centrum, 1979
Three-Dimensional Data Input Devices Computer graphics in the Building Process National Academy of Sciences, Washington, USA, 1982
Problem Worrying Program Themes in Systems Research Conference, Problems of Levels and Boundaries Amsterdam, 1981
Buildings for Tomorrow: Intelligent Architecture British Computer Society, 1987
Plastic Modelling: the Flexible Modelling of the Logic of Structure and Space CAAD Futures 87, International Conference on Computer Aided Design Futures, Eindhoven, 1987
Can Computers be Just a Tool? Mutual Uses of Cybernetics and Science, Themes in Systems Research Amsterdam, 1987
Computer - Muse or Amanuensis? and Universal Constructor SISEA - Second International Symposium on Electronic Art Groningen, 1990
Computers of the Imagination Inaugural Professorial lecture University of Ulster, 1991
Datastructures for Rule-Based and Genetic Design Visual Computing - Integrating Computer Graphics with Computer Vision Tokyo, 1992
Genetic Algorithms and the Evolution of Form Cultural Diversity in the Global Village, 3rd International Symposium on Electronic Art Sydney, 1992
Computer Oriented Design Hong Kong University, HK 1992
The Compression of Space and Time Bartlett School of Architecture, University of London, 1993
The Environmentally-Interactive Building Pertubuhan Akitek, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1993
Design Thinking – Creativity in Three Dimensions First International Conference On Creative Thinking, Keynote speaker de Bono’s Foundation for International Studies, Valetta, Malta
Interactive Architecture Real Movement in Art and Architecture Slade School of Art, London, 1994
Computing Without Computers Computer Heretics Architectural Association, London, 1994
Computers as Intelligent Tools Opening the Envelope – Exploring Urban Strategies for the 21st Century, Keynote Groningen, Netherlands, 1995
Why Evolve Designs? Architektur und Design, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zurich, 1995
The Interactive Evolution of Cyberspace Advances in Virtual Reality Applications for Design and Construction Rensselaer, New York, 1995
The Virtual Evolution of Form Electra Form, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter Hovikodden Oslo, 1996
Opening Conference of the Research School for Design and computation, Invited keynote speaker Oslo, 1996
The Groningen Experiment: Global Co-operation in the Electronic Evolution of Cities CAADRIA '97 National Chiao Tung University, Hsinshu, Taiwan, 1997
The New Design Curriculum The Central Academy of Arts and Design, Beijing, 1997
The Development of an Integrated Design System Osaka University, Japan, 1998
Generative Design Asia Design Forum, Keynote speaker Kuala Lumpur, 1998
Towards the Post Digital Era AVOCAAD Second International Conference, Keynote speaker Brussels, 1999
Towards a General Theory of Form On Growth and Form, Keynote speaker Waterloo, Canada, 2001
Computational Construction Kits for Geometric Modelling and Design Siggraph Symposium on Interactive Computer-Graphics,Invited speaker Chapel Hill, N. Carolina, 2001
Generative and Evolutionary Techniques for Building Envelope Design Generative Art 2002 Polytechnico Milano, Italy, 2002
Archigram's Continuing Influence Archigram Exhibition - Experimental Architecture 1961-74, Invited speaker Taipei, Taiwan, 2003
Accelerating Architecture and Tangible Thinking USA Lecture Tour Boston - MIT, Albany - RPI, Los Angeles - UCLA, Los Angeles – SciArc, Pasadena - CalTech, 2003
Accelerating Architecture Lowe evening lecture University College London, Bartlett School of Architecture, 2003
Computing without Computers City in a room, Invited keynote speaker and workshop leader for 24hr thought experiment Pavlov MediaLab, Groningen, 2004
Accelerating Architecture Cambridge University Department of Architecture, 2004
Interfacing with Evolution Conference on Complexity, Invited keynote speaker Institute for Scientific Interchange, Turin, 2004
The Future Role of Design Computation Inaugural lecture as Honorary Professor Shandong University, Jinan, PRC, 2005
Accelerating Evolution: pour une architeture de l’auto-organisation Invited lecture Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, 2005
Interfacing with Evolution: Seeding a Self-organizing Architecture Invited lecture MIT, Cambridge Massachusetts, 2005
Computing without computers: exploring the possibilities of post-digital design Sigradi, Keynote Speech Santiago, 2006
Digital creativity World Architecture Conference, Invited keynote speaker Munster, Germany, 2008
The Interconnected Ecopositive Cities Project Keynote Singapore, 2008
VISIONS symposium, Invited keynote speaker and panellist Florence, 2009